Hackers target site for sick children

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The website of the N.I Children to Lapland and Day to Remember Trust charities, which raise funds to send ill children to Lapland, has been hacked resulting in the loss of six years’ worth of children’s memories.

Chairman Jack Rodgers, from Larne, commented: “The website being hacked and erased from existence is very distressing for all of us at the NICLT as it’s the busiest time of the year, not only for our fund raising but the selection of the children who will go on our Charity Fantasy Flight to Lapland has started.

“Can you imagine how it looks when the consultants of our hospitals, throughout the province, direct the parents to our site so that they can see and learn what to expect for their sick child and they find there is no trace of us anywhere?”

Mr Rodgers revealed that the damage includes the loss of quotes from children, some of whom have passed away. He continued: “All of our memories of the last 6 years’ trips are gone. All of our photographs of the children with their lovely smiles which are priceless to the parents, doctors, nurses and of course us. Luckily our official photographer John Rodgers kept a copy of every photo he took so we will be able to get them all back up when our new website is up and running.

“Copies of the kids’ letters they gave to Santa and quotes from the children, parents, doctors nurses. All gone and what is worse many of these children are no longer with us and we can never get their quotes back.”

Last year, children from Roddensvale Special School visited Lapland with the charity for the first time, with more set to go this year. This year’s Fantasy Flight to the North Pole will take place on December 17.