Greenland Road safety fears

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A Greenland Court resident is calling for additional safety measures to be put in place at the junction of Greenland Road and The Roddens after witnessing a road traffic accident there.

Pensioner Hugh Giffen spoke out after a car crashed into a wall in the Greenland Court area of Larne on June 26. According to the PSNI, three people were in the car during the collision, including a young child. All three were taken to hospital for treatment but their injuries are not thought be life threatening.

Mr Giffen commented: “This is a dangerous corner which the Roads Service has been aware of for a long time. They have put a slow sign up but we have had a spate of incidents recently. I am worried there could be a fatality and Roads Service needs to do something.”

A TransportNI spokesperson said that a number of traffic management measures had been carried out in the vicinity of the junction of Greenland Road and The Roddens in recent years, including a scheme to improve pedestrian safety by increasing the size of the traffic island and upgrading the footway and crossing points. He added that other measures taken included tightening the left hand kerb radius from The Roddens into Greenland Road, while additional hatching and ‘SLOW’ markings were placed on The Roddens in the vicinity of its junction with Greenland Road. However, a request in December 2012 to install a road restraint system on The Roddens in the vicinity of Greenland Road junction did not meet the criteria to go forward for development. The spokesperson said there were currently “no plans for further measures in this area.”