Glenarm singer Ben Glover’s Italy earthquake terror

Glenarm singer Ben Glover.
Glenarm singer Ben Glover.

Glenarm singer Ben Glover has told of the terrifying moment he experienced the effects of two earthquakes in Italy last night (Wednesday October 27.)

The first quake, which measured 5.5 on the Richter scale, struck at 7.10pm local time near Visso in Macerata province, followed by a larger 6.1 size quake two hours later in the same area.

Last night’s quakes, which damaged buildings and injured scores of people, came just two months after another earthquake killed around 300 people south of Visso.

Local man Ben is part of a group of musicians known as The Orphan Brigade, three of whom were invited to Osimo to write music inspired by the town’s catacombs.

He and Nashville musicians Joshua Britt and Neilson Hubbard were in the town, which is situated approximately 80 miles from the epicentre of the earthquake, when the disaster struck.

This morning (Thursday October 27), Ben posted a message assuring friends and family of his group’s safety.

He stated: “We were about 80 miles from where the earthquake hit hardest in Italy last night.

“As the floor started rolling and the walls and ceiling started swaying we bolted for the door of the venue we were in.

“None of the three of us had ever experienced an earthquake before so I’m sure the look on our faces at that point was priceless.

“Thankfully no damage was done here in Osimo and we survive to fight/write another day.”

Ben’s father Dr Benny Glover said that he was “relieved” his son had not been injured.

“They were playing last night and when I saw the news of the earthquake I wondered if he was involved, but I was relieved to hear he’s alright,” he revealed.

“They played a concert in Osimo before and then the village committee invited them back to do a project on the catacombs involving a CD and video which will be used as a tourist attraction.”

So far, Italy’s civil protection chief Fabrizio Curcio has said that “tens” of people were hurt, but only four suffered serious injuries.

The effects of the earthquakes were felt across Italy, including in Rome, where buildings reportedly shook.