Gardenmore set for mission to Kambui

Plans are afoot at Gardenmore Presbyterian Church for a mission aimed at supporting physically and mentally challenged young people in Kenya.

A team of up to a dozen people, consisting of members of both Gardenmore and Drogheda Presbyterian churches, are set to travel to Kambui this summer.

Minister of Gardenmore, Rev Gary Glasgow said: “The security situation in Kenya has calmed in recent months and any outbreaks have been in the east, approximately 300 miles from where the team will be, though no one can guarantee 100 per cent safety no matter where in the world they go.

“I know that the children in Kambui and our friends in Kenya have missed us and are very keen for us to return.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord, meet the fantastic children in Kambui and experience first hand-what God is doing in a beautiful country with its wonderful people.”

Explaining Gardenmore’s association with Drogheda, Rev Glasgow added: “The Minister of Drogheda Presbyterian is John Woodside, and his home congregation is Gardenmore.

“The two churches became involved with Kambui after a women called Wanjiru Waweru, a member of the Drogheda congregation, highlighted the need of young people in that particular community.

“We have been out to Kambui a couple of times before and it has been a great priviledge, so we are delighted to be returning this year.

“The joint team from our two churches will be offering support these youngsters in a number of ways, including spiritually, socially and educationally.”