First aid advice for Cairncastle ladies

The vice-president of Cairncastle Women’s Institute, Margaret Beck welcomed members to a meeting on April 14.

Members stood for a minute’s silence to mark the passing of Nancy Johnston’s husband and Sharon Morrow’s father.

Margaret introduced Janice Bisp who has nursed her way round the world encountering a wide range of medical conditions but later when working with ROSPA realised there were patterns of injuries which she wished to address. Janice proceeded set up her own first aid practice. At the meeting, she discussed the topics of bleeds, burns and choking.

A summer outing to Springhill, Garden World and the Linen Green is being planned. The ballot was won by Mary Rainey. The competition for items on a nappy pin was won by Mary Steele with 31, 2nd Cathy Bell with 30, 3rd Meta 29.

The evening ended with the singing of the Countrywoman’s song.