Fireworks youths light blue touch paper in Larne

Police complaints 'far too high'
Police complaints 'far too high'

Police in Larne are taking steps to identify a number of young people who have been causing disruption in the Lindara area recently.

Officers have been inundated with calls from frustrated residents, after groups of up to 25 youths gathered on Monday and Tuesday evenings to throw fireworks and stones at cars in the area.

On Tuesday, police took to social media urging parents to ensure their children stay out of trouble.

The ‘PSNI Larne’ Facebook post stated: “We have been extremely busy dealing with a number of calls in Larne. Unfortunately for the second night running our crews have had to attend the area of Lindara to deal with young people who are messing around on a building site.

“We know kids will be kids, but it is fenced off for a reason. So as mighty as the craic might be if you happen to be out in that wee group tonight, remember that nobody laughs when your mate falls off the security fence ripping their best tracksuit or worse, their femoral artery.

“We are taking steps to identify and speak with those young people involved.”

Meanwhile, local people have also taken to Facebook to vent their anger at the situation, with one woman claiming the youths have been “running riot for about a week”.

Some have also criticised the police response, with one person posting online: “Your crew have drove up the street and the kids are running down to the bottom of the street waiting for yous to drive back around. A laughing game for the children.”

Another said: “If they (police) actually got out to them and took their names instead of playing cat and mouse.”

However, others have praised the PSNI’s efforts in tackling the problem. One Facebook user said: “Personally have to say good job tonight, its a shame the police hadn’t more powers against this sort of thing yes, but a good active appearance has got rid of them. The same tomorrow night and over the weekend please guys.”

Another added: “I am grateful for the PSNI’s effort to break the group up and appreciate that you are very restricted with the action you can take to get the message home. Parents however, these kids seem 12-16 (years old). They are your responsibility and they are a reflection on you! If some of the parents knew how these kids were behaving I’d like to think they would be highly embarrassed.”