Feedback sought over Carnlough 'accident black spot'

Bend on the Ballymena Road, Carnlough (image Google)
Bend on the Ballymena Road, Carnlough (image Google)

Feedback is being sought from road users over a so-called "accident black spot" in Carnlough.

Writing on her Facebook page, Mid and East Antrim councillor Maureen Morrow said: "Have you been involved in accident at this bend on the Ballymena Rd, Carnlough in the past three or four years?

"This bend has become an accident black spot and I am working with PSNI and the Department of Infrastructure (Road Service) to try and find what is causing so many unexplained accidents.

"We did some work a few years ago when signage and the red 'slow' surface was put in place, but things have not improved."

Road Service require the following information:

- date and time of accident;
- weather/road conditions;
- direction of travel;
- number of vehicles involved;
- was it reported to Police and if so were they, or any of the emergency services at the scene.

"If you have photos of the accident it would be useful to see road conditions and where vehicles ended up," Cllr Morrow added.

"Police records of accidents in this area are very few, and therefore lack of recorded incidents are not there to back up grounds for further work, as it is not highlighted as an accident black spot area."

Asking for anyone with information to get in touch, she added: "This problem needs sorted before there is a fatality."