Extra £481k for vulnerable people - Storey

Mervyn Storey. INCT 23-024-GR
Mervyn Storey. INCT 23-024-GR

A total of 145 people in Larne have more money in their pockets today than they did last year, the Department of Social Development has said.

Announcing the success of his the Benefit Uptake Programme for 2014/15, DSD Minister Mervyn Storey confirmed that an additional £480,848 in benefits was claimed by those who were entitled to it, but were not previously claiming.

The Minister also confirmed that in total, 4,702 people across Northern Ireland gained an additional £15.9million in benefits to which they were entitled.

Since 2005, DSD’s benefit uptake work has generated nearly £100million of additional income for people in Northern Ireland.

Mr Storey said: “This is the second year of the Benefit Uptake Programme which is tailored to ensure that people in Northern Ireland receive all the benefits they are entitled to. Not only are thousands of people receiving extra help with their household bills, but this additional £16million also benefits our economy with people spending the extra cash in their local communities.”

DSD’s high profile ‘Make the Call’ advertising generated over 18,000 calls, resulting in annual benefits generated equating to just under £6million.