W5 brings food waste workshop to town hall

MEA Mayor Audrey Wales with Emma Stevenson from W5.
MEA Mayor Audrey Wales with Emma Stevenson from W5.

Fifteen per cent of food and drink purchases are wasted, visitors to a food waste workshop at Larne Town Hall, have been told.

As much as 4.4 tonnes are said to be avoidable.

The event took place on Wednesday as part of the Northern Ireland Science Festival.

Attending the event was Mid and East Antrim mayor Councillor Audrey Wales.

Councillor Wales said: “It was great fun too. The family groups - and especially the children - learned many things through demonstration, for example that it takes 25 large plastic bottles to make a single fleece for them to wear and that products as varied as garden benches and even carpets are also often made from 100 per cent recycled plastic.

“I was delighted to support the W5 team – who conducted the event – and to see first-hand how those taking part in the show were able to learn about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling our waste.

“The fact that it all took place in such a fun way, means that they will remember the lessons all the more clearly and hopefully reduce their own families’ waste output too.”

Everyone got involved in activities such as working out how long it takes products as diverse as paper, plastic, nappies and glass to breakdown and decompose in a landfill site and also got some hands-on experience making plastic out of just cornflour, water and cooking oil.

The local youngsters and the family groups also enjoyed making ‘potions’ to demonstrate how heat makes the composting process faster.

The team then ended the show with a ‘big bang’ to demonstrate what happens when methane (given off from landfill sites) is ignited.

The event was also fully interactive as team members also quizzed participants on some interesting facts about the amount of food waste throw away each year.

They also outlined the many simple things that everyone can do at home to make food last longer, plan meals or help by re-using leftovers and therefore waste less.

For further details, visit www.lovefoodhatewaste.com