Thumbs up for trio of turbines

PLANNERS have approved plans to erect three wind turbines at various sites in the borough.

Applicant J Mulvenna of 62 Mullaghsandal Road, Islandmagee has been granted full permission to construct a 15m high, 20kw turbine with a control building about 200m south east of his property.

Meanwhile, Ian Davidson of 3 Stewartstown Drive, Larne has been given the green light to erect a 150kw turbine at a height of 30m.

The development will be located 274m south west of his property.

Finally, the Planning Service has given the thumbs up for John Graham of 86 Ballyrickard Road, Larne to build a 30m high turbine for domestic use about 680m north east of 85 Ballyrickard Road.

No letters of objection were received in relation to any of the three planning applications.