Repairs scheduled for Blackhead Path

Sections of Blackhead Path have been closed for health and safety reasons. INCT 32-790-CON

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council has unveiled plans for cliff face repairs at Blackhead Path in Whitehead.

The local authority has published a planning application for repairs at land adjacent to the lighthouse at McCrae’s Brae after a structural engineer’s report recommended urgent remedial works.

Repairs will include new mesh safety features.

At the Castletown section, a 200 metre stretch of new armour causeway will be put in place.

Severe subsidence forced the closure of the path in August.

The section between Whitehead carpark to the Old Castle Road is shut due to serious safety concerns.

The council has warned of “significant movement along the path” and the possibility of land slippage or rock fall at any time.

The path has moved 30cms in the last year and 17cms during July.

Large cracks along the path have also been identified “indicating likely structural failure of the concrete wall and possible collapse”.

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