More ‘smart bins’ are on the way

THE cleanliness of Larne’s stunning coastline is set to be further enhanced thanks to the introduction of more solar-powered bins.

Larne Council was the first local authority in the province to introduce the high-tech compactor containers – dubbed “big belly smart bins” – back in 2010, deploying 19 of them at sites along the Coast Road and other parts of the borough.

And now, having received a cash windfall of £45,198.45 from the North East Region Local Action Group Rural Partnership programme, the council is preparing to deploy another 17 of the bins at frequently-used lay-bys stretching from Ballycarry to north of Carnlough. The council is to provide 25 per cent match funding, equating to £15,000.

The “smart bins” automatically compact waste so they hold up to eight times as much as a conventional alternative. When they are full, the bins – which each have their own SIM card – will send either an email or text message to alert council staff to empty them.

Larne council’s director of environmental services, Philip Thompson said: “The bins have provided an enhanced capacity to sope with tourist numbers.