Major investment ‘will improve face of Ballycarry’

Ballycarry Community Association said this week that several major developments this year will be very positive for the village.

The area will benefit from two village renewal programmes, which will add a small amphitheatre at the Fairhill near the community centre and also new landscaping at the village green.

In addition, restoration of the Orr Monument and hopes for further tourist potential will also add to potential benefits for the village, the group says.

The Village Renewal programme will bring an investment of almost £90,000, and will see major landscaping on the Fairhill as well as at the amenity green near Templecorran cemetery.

Included in the plans will be a small amphitheatre at which musical or other performances can take place, while there will also be picnic seating close by and landscaping with trees and shrubs. New fencing will also enclose the football area at Fairhill.

At the village green, works will enhance the green area, and seating will also be installed to provide a relaxing location to rest and enjoy a view of the village.

The funding for the project is coming from the Rural Development programme and Larne Borough Council, with £1,000 being provided by the local community group.

Chairperson Valerie Beattie said that the plans were impressive and a very positive development for the village; “This is tremendous news for Ballycarry and we hope everyone will be very pleased with the results. Both locations in question are great areas for people to enjoy the view and relax, and with the restoration of the Orr Monument as part of an Ulster Scots tourism trail this year, and recent development of a plaque trail in the village and tourist literature, the area is well placed to welcome visitors and tourists,”

“We are aware of an American tour party which will be tracing the history of Presbyterianism and will be visiting Ballycarry in September, and we have other plans to encourage development of a definite tourism product in the village, so all of this augers well indeed,” she said.

“The group would like to thank the Rural Development Programme and Larne Borough Council for their support, and we are also grateful to a sub-committee of the Association headed by Janice Bisp for all their efforts and vision in relation to the renewal projects,” she added.

It is hoped that work on the projects will begin in September.