Larne householders record cracker recycling statistics

Over 4,000 householders brought waste to Larne Borough Council’s recycling centres in the week following Christmas according to new local authority statistics.

Commenting on the high level of public participation in recycling across the borough, Philip Thompson, director of environmental services said: “These are excellent figures for the usage of the recycling centres over the Christmas period and they highlight the enthusiastic way that the public are utilising the council household recycling centres.”

“I wish to thank householders who brought their segregated waste to the sites for recycling. Larne Council has made great efforts to provide excellent sites to facilitate recycling by householders and this level of response by the public is evidence of success.

“Year on year the council continues to improve its recycling rates thereby reducing the burden of charges for landfill waste which would otherwise have to be met by the rate payer.

“Segregating waste in household bins and using the recycling centres all help reduce the cost of waste management”.

Mr Thompson also acknowledged his appreciation and recognition for the commitment of council staff who man the centres and provide customer care, especially over the Christmas period:

“Council regularly receive feedback praising the attitude and responsiveness of staff in these centres”.