‘Determination of residents will see signs rightly replaced’ McKinty

Ballycarry village. INLT 03-301-PR
Ballycarry village. INLT 03-301-PR

A community group in Ballycarry has vowed to replace signs removed by roads officials recently from lampposts in the village.

The signs were put up earlier this year by the local community group which has accused “authorities of turning a blind eye to the speeding problem in the area”.

Ulster Unionist MLA Roy Beggs.

Ulster Unionist MLA Roy Beggs.

Now the group has pledged that it will be putting the signs up again.

The signs declaring “Kill your speed not a child” were placed around the centre of the village in March after the group felt efforts to have action taken on speeding had “fallen on deaf ears”.

The group purchased signs to be located on the approach roads to the village centre, where there were particular concerns for road safety.

One member said that the Dalways Bawn Road was being used “as a racetrack” at times, and another cited young drivers doing “donuts” at the top of the Manse Road in the village.

Cllr Mark McKinty

Cllr Mark McKinty

The PSNI has said that it is responding to complaints about speeding and social media has shown photos of officers on duty with a handheld speed monitor on Main Street in the village.

One of the community group members said that over the past three years numerous meetings have been held with the authorities over traffic issues in Ballycarry. He said that people were not happy with the outcome of meetings to date.

He suggested that the current issue appears to stem from someone who considered that the wording on the signs was inappropriate.

Commenting on the issue, Roy Beggs MLA said: “I am aware of community concern at traffic speeds inside the village in Ballycarry. Indeed I had previously lobbied the Road Service for speed reduction measures for the village. I was approached by a constituent drawing my attention to new signs that had been installed.

“Following my enquiry to Transport NI asking if they had installed the sign, when they responded they advised that they had taken them down.

“I am aware of continuing concern at traffic speeds in the village. I have also recently contacted Transport NI asking for additional official speed reduction signs to be installed. I also have asked for their assessment of the effectiveness (or otherwise) of the previous speed warning signage scheme in Ballycarry and to consider other traffic calming measure.”

Cllr. Mark McKinty said: “It’s ludicrous that these signs, which have been up for many weeks, have been removed. Their message is very clear and address a problem of which all residents of Ballycarry are aware and wish to positively address. Earlier this year, we saw a death very near where one of these signs was removed, so the determination of residents will see these signs rightly replaced.”