Deputy mayor queries progress on eyesore roundabout

SOME of the soil to be excavated in the course of the A8 dualling scheme may be used to complete infilling at Larne’s eyesore Redlands roundabout.

The information was relayed to deputy mayor Mark McKinty after he asked Larne Borough Council officers for an update on a proposal to landscape the unsightly traffic feature.

Cllr McKinty asked: “What are the plans for the site and the time scale for completion?

“What is being done in the interim, given the forthcoming summer holidays, with the roundabout being either one of the first or one of the last views for visitors to Larne?”

He was informed that a waste management exemption licence had been granted for infilling of the roundabout - a process that ended in March when the licence expired.

“Roads Service ideally would have liked additional material, however, this has proved difficult to find,” officials reported.

“There may be an opportunity for Roads Service to bring additional soil material during the A8 upgrade to raise the finished ground level height to the levels that they would prefer,” Cllr McKinty was told.

Parks Service staff recently sprayed the area to kill grass and weeds and have prepared the soil for re-seeding.

Officers explained: “There have been some initial meetings with various landscape designers in relation to potential schemes, but nothing has been finalised.

“It was considered first and foremost it would be useful to get the roundabout looking presentable and that future design work could take place thereafter.”