Council’s advice on glass 

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HOUSEHOLDERS whose glass recycling caddies have gone missing will not be charged for replacements, Larne Council has said.

Last week, Hope Street resident Sharon Palmer contacted the Times to express her frustration after the local authority told her she would have to pay £5 for a replacement caddy.

She added: “I left my bin out with the glass caddy inside, but when I went to bring the bin back the caddy was gone. I am not the only person this has happened to.

“I contacted the council and was told it would cost me £5 for a new caddy. Why should I have to pay? I did not lose it or damage it.”

Phillip Thompson, director of environmental services explained: “What may have happened is that the refuse collection staff placed this woman’s caddy back into someone else’s bin. This can happen if bins are left out in a cluster and the caddy’s are not numbered.

“Rather than make these resident’s pay for replacement caddies, we will provide them with new ones.