Campaigners assemble at Brown’s Bay in opposition to gas storage plan

The gathering at Brown's Bay in Islandmagee on Sunday.
The gathering at Brown's Bay in Islandmagee on Sunday.

Three hundred campaigners assembled at Brown’s Bay in Islandmagee, on Sunday, in opposition to plans for an underground gas storage project at Larne Lough.

The gathering was a show of opposition to the planned eight underground caverns capable of storing a total of 450 million cubic metre of gas in Permian salt beds.

The organisers said that residents have a range of concerns including potential impact on wildlife, marine life, recreational activities and the ability of roads to cope with additional heavy vehicles.

The Alliance Party has also expressed opposition to the gas storage project saying: “Alliance says no to gas cavern storage in Islandmagee and no to brine extraction methods”.

John Wood, CEO, of Islandmagee Energy, has stated: “Studies conducted by scientists show that the discharge will do no harm to wildlife and have minimum impact to fish and shellfish stocks.”