Elderly Larne couple’s home is targeted by vandals

Frank Graham.  INLT 32-659-CON
Frank Graham. INLT 32-659-CON

Vandals have damaged the front window of a retired Larne couple’s home in what appears to be a random attack.

The perpetrators struck at a house on Bellair park, Craigyhill, late on Monday, August 1, while 93-year-old owner Frank Graham was in bed.

Mr Graham, who suffers from breathing problems and relies on a walking stick to get around, said he and his 96-year-old wife Edith had lived in the property for over 60 years without any incident.

“This is the first time anything like this has happened and we have lived on this street for many years,” he told the Times.

“I think they must have thrown one of the stones from our garden. It must have been thrown with some force, as the window is double glazed and they managed to smash the first pane of glass.

“My wife was downstairs at the time, but didn’t hear anything.

“One of our neighbours told us she saw a couple of young people running away down the street after it happened.”

Mr Graham said another neighbour also had one of their windows damaged in a similar attack recently.

“We are worried that this could happen again and have reported it to police.

“There are more young people about in the evening now because it is the summer holidays. It is terrible that some of them feel they have nothing better to do than terrorise elderly people,” he added.