New window on the future for St. Anthony’s Primary

The new acting Principal at St Anthony's Primary School Carol McLarnon. INLT 37-356-PR
The new acting Principal at St Anthony's Primary School Carol McLarnon. INLT 37-356-PR

St. Anthony’s Primary School in Larne, has been given a smart new look for the start of a new academic year.

The school, at Fairway in Antiville, has been fitted with £30,000 worth of windows and has been given an internal facelift.

Newly-appointed acting principal Carol McLarnon says that this financial investment represents a vote of confidence in the future of St. Anthony’s Primary which has witnessed a dramatic increase in enrolment figures this year.

A total of 17 primary one pupils - the biggest intake in 10 years - have joined the school bringing the total to 86.

Mrs McLarnon said: “We are looking towards the future and where we are going. We are looking forward to the challenges that a new year brings.

“The future is looking bright. The school is thriving. The enthusiasm is almost tangible.”

Mrs McLarnon went on to say she is confident of a continued growth in pupil numbers following what she believes is a positive start to 2013/14.

Further improvements to the site are planned, including new signage and grounds maintenance.

The Department of Education had identifed the wooden window frames and sills at St. Anthony’s Primary as “rotting and crumbling” in the most recent follow-up inspection report in September 2011.

Mrs McLarnon stated: “We are moving in a positive direction. Our numbers are up. Teaching and learning are very good.

“We want people to look at what we are doing.

“We are here and we are open for business. Come and see what we are doing.”

She noted that the follow-up inspection report described the quality of teaching and learning as “very good”.

It was also stated that the “quality of education provided by the school is good”.