New principal pays tribute to Larne Grammar staff and pupils

THIS summer’s GCSE and A Level results at Larne Grammar provided “irrefutable proof” of the hard work and ability of both pupils and teachers at the school.

That was the message from the school’s newly appointed principal, Jonathan Wylie, at the recent prize-giving night, where he congratulated all those present on their “remarkable” achievements.

Mr Wylie, who succeeded former principal John Wilson at the start of the term, also paid tribute to his predecessor for his 11 years of service to the school.

He added: “John was a man who was passionate about providing the pupils of Larne Grammar School with the best possible educational opportunities and I would like to wish him a long and happy retirement.”

The special guest at the prize giving night was Sammy Wilson MP, a former colleague of Mr Wylie’s at Grosvenor Grammar School.

Mr Wylie, former vice-principal at Grosvenor said: “My first year as a teacher in Grosvenor Grammar School coincided with Sammy’s final year in the school. As he left to take up his position as an elected member of the new Northern Ireland Assembly, most expected to see him return to resume his teaching responsibilities before too long, such was the uncertainty surrounding the future of the fledgling institution.

“It is remarkable to reflect on just how far we have come as a society in the intervening fourteen years and I think it would be fair to say that now no-one is expecting to see Sammy back in a classroom anytime soon.”

Speaking about the this year’s exam results, Mr Wylie said: “The quality of the A Level results was such that the majority of pupils secured the university place of their choice. On behalf of everyone associated with the school I would like to wish our Year 14 students all the best as they leave us to commence university or their chosen career. We look forward to hearing of their future successes.

“If anything, the AS results were even more impressive, with 60 per cent of entries awarded either an A or a B grade. With continued focus and hard work our new Year 14 students can look forward to converting the marks they gained in their AS modules into excellent A Level grades.

“GCSE results day prompted further celebrations within the school, as a total of 43 per cent of entries were awarded either an A* or an A grade. As a result of these outstanding grades, we were able to welcome the vast majority of our Year 12 pupils back into Year 13 to begin their A Level studies.”

But Mr Wylie praised all pupils, not just the high achievers, and said success could be found in a C grade as well as in an A*. “The challenge I give to our pupils is to strive to be the best that they can be so that they can take pride in their achievements knowing that they have fulfilled their potential,” he added.

Special awards

Year 8

Margaret Crawford Prize: Andrew Morton

Valerie Woodside Cup: Chloe McIlroy

Robert Gordon Memorial Cup: Katie Doey, Jonathan Farquhar

Year 9

John Blair Prizes: Jack Carson, Courtney Hawthorn

Year 10

Lady Dixon Prize: Rebecca Wharry

Sir Thomas Dixon Prize: Paul Cameron

Brian Blair Memorial Prize: Rebecca Wharry

John Esler Medal: Rebecca Wharry

Year 11‑

Eileen Gordon Prizes: Melanie Hamilton, Calum McKay

Ruby Crawford Prize: Jocelyn Hill

TS Boyle Prize: Katy Tweed

Year 12

Captain J A B Carson Scholarship: Judith Cameron

Crawford Exhibition: David Roberts

Captain Alan Gingles Memorial Prize: Kirsty McKinty

Northern Bank Cup: Brittany Le Roux

Steele Trophy: Lauren Cameron

Dean Fair Memorial Prize: Kirsty McKinty

Hamill Cup: Kerrie Anderson

Jean McAuley Cup: Kirsty McKinty

FG Wilson Technology and Design Award: Judith Cameron

Williamson Prize: Jasmine Baart

McCurdy Memorial Cup: Jenna Guthrie

John Esler Medal: Sophie Johnston

Whiteford Geoservices Cup: Sarah Booth, Scott Copeland, Hannah Gibb, Emma Robinson

Norman Allen Cup: Lauren Cameron

Year 13

Robert Irwin Prize: Aisling Madden Principal’s Prizes: Amy Beggs, Stephanie Bradbury, Elizabeth Brown, Sara Coulter, Sarah Hunter, Bethany McDowell

Rachel Magill Memorial Cup: Aoife Thornton

Ida McGeown Scholarship: Olivia Gillespie, Sarah Hunter

Reunion Cup: Claire Taggart

Lawson Cup: Eden Wilson

Year 14

George McAuley Memorial Cup: Kirsten McCully

Magill Scholarship: Clare McKay

Lt Col H W Carson Scholarship: Kim Hamilton

McFerran Prize: Craig Agnew

Howden Prize: Scott McClelland, David Murray

Atkinson Prize: Kiera McGarry

Governors’ Prize: Zoe Buchanan, Louise Maxwell, Sam McDonald, Tammy McNeilly, Scott Morris, Kathryn Perry

The Engineering Bursary: Christopher Graham

Miss McKinley Memorial Prize: Sarah Webb

TS Boyle Prize: Louise Maxwell

Tom McKinley Prize: Craig Agnew

Benson Prize: Kim Hamilton

Boyd Prize: Kim Hamilton

Dorman Prize: Scott McClelland

Dr Cosgrave Memorial Cup: Kim Hamilton

Gray Salver: Kiera McGarry

Lynas Prize: Jill Gray

DJ Thompson Prize: Paul Ferguson

McKinley Cup: Daniel McCormack

Morrow Cup: Kiera McGarry

STBE Shield: Scott McClelland

FG Wilson Prize: Karl Stewart