Inspection report shows improvement for Ballycarry PS

Improvements have been made at Ballycarry Primary School following a report from the Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI).

Published at the end of March, the report is a follow-up to a previous inspection in October 2011.

Despite highlighting strengths in pastoral care and the good standards in literacy and numeracy, the earlier report identified a need for improvement in both leadership and management and in learning and teaching at the school.

Recommendations to develop planning and play-based learning were also made, as well as ‘more robust and systematic monitoring and evaluation’.

The school has since taken steps to address the issues, with last month’s report indicating that staff have received training and support from the North Eastern Education and Library Board and C2K.

Members of staff were noted to have visited other schools to observe and share practice, while one teacher has left the permanent staff.

The principal of the school, the report noted, has been on a period of extended leave since October 2013 with one teacher temporarily acting up in the role. The school’s governors are in the process of recruiting a new principal to take up post in September 2014.

The ETI carried out a total of two monitoring visits and a follow-up inspection on March 10 this year. Action plans received by the Department of Education following the inspection were of ‘good quality’ and adjusted appropriately in the light of feedback given by ETI during the interim visits.