High School launches literacy newsletter

Larne High School has launched a Literacy Newsletter for distribution throughout the school each term.

Departments will rotate to showcase how each is striving to promote raising standards in literacy - defined as “the ability to read and use written information and to write appropriately and legibly, taking account of different purposes, contexts, conventions and audiences”.

The RE department led the way with the theme: Look up, speak up, reach up, listen up and stand up.

The bulletin featured a report on the school’s efforts for European Day of Languages in September, as well as a competition compiled by Mrs Maureen Parker, Literacy Co-ordinator, with sections to be completed by students and their parents. The objective is to help develop home/school links and encourage parents to become more involved the education of their children.

The winners of the first competition were rewarded with gift and book tokens, namely Alan Robinson, Year 10; Leah Pennie, Year 9; and Joanne Whiteford, Year 8, along with their parents.