Glowing report for Grammar

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A new inspection report has identified a number improvements carried out at Larne Grammar School over the past year.

Back in April, 2010 the Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) found that while the quality of provision was satisfactory, there was a need to improve the school’s leadership in a number of areas.

A follow-up inspection was carried out last year to determine if improvements had been made, and it was concluded that progress at the school had been “insufficient”.

However, a further follow-up inspection carried out in September this year has identified several improvements made at the school.

The inspectors determined that the quality of almost all of the lessons observed was good or very good; the majority were very good.

Other significant improvements include:

• the implementation of appropriate lines of two-way communication which have led to improved relationships and trust and have facilitated development work;

• the increased openness and transparency in the working practices of the school which have resulted in a healthy climate for whole-school development work;

• the effective, transformational leadership of the principal in taking the school forward.

One area that was identified for improvement was the need to “raise the standards attained by the pupils in public examinations at GCE A-level, which remain below the Northern Ireland average for similar schools”.

The report concluded: “In the areas inspected, the quality of education provided by this school is now good. The school has important strengths in most of its educational and pastoral provision.”

Principal Jonathan Wylie, who took over the reins at the school last year, expressed his pleasure at the outcome of the inspection and paid tribute to the work of the staff.

He added: “I am delighted that the professionalism, dedication and skill of the staff of Larne Grammar School have been recognised.

“We are very fortunate to have such talented practitioners supporting our pupils. Staff, governors and senior leadership have worked extremely hard to bring about the improvements identified within the inspection report and all remain committed to striving to provide the best possible educational experience, both inside and outside the classroom, for the current and future pupils of Larne Grammar School.”