DUP ‘too optimistic’, says East Antrim MP

Sammy Wilson, East Antrim DUP MP
Sammy Wilson, East Antrim DUP MP

East Antrim DUP MP Sammy Wilson has spoken of his disappointment that his party failed to make any significant gains in Larne’s two electoral areas.

The party had three of its five Larne candidates elected to Mid and East Antrim Council.

And Mr Wilson said that while the DUP has maintained its proportion of votes from the last election, he “would have loved” to have seen the party expand its number of seats locally.

He felt the party had fielded too many candidates and paid the price for that gamble.

Current Deputy Mayor of Larne Council, Drew Niblock and candidate Matthew Scott both failed to meet the quotas in Coast Road and Larne Lough respectively.

Mr Wilson added: “We had hoped to secure an extra seat, but that didn’t happen this time.

“I think we were too optimistic, and for someone who always wants to see the party expand, that is a bit of a disappointment.”