DRD to take on Millbrook park and ride verge maintenance

The grass verge at the Millbrook Park and Ride. INLT 36-420-PR
The grass verge at the Millbrook Park and Ride. INLT 36-420-PR

the Department of Regional Development promised this week that a grass verge beside the new Millbrook park and ride facility would be maintained by Roads Service staff in future.

A number of residents of Drumahoe Road had become so fed up with weeds and grass growing beside the road opposite their homes that they went out themselves and cut them down.

“The weeds would be three or four feet high if it wasn’t for people cutting them down. The verge just isn’t being maintained at all. It’s not the best thing to be looking out on,” said one local resident.

“In fact, if some of the folk living here didn’t cut it down the verge would look like a bombsite.

“It would be also a good idea for some waste bins to be provided as a lot of rubbish tends to gather in the car park,” he said.

The new park and ride facility, which opened earlier this year, created a large car park which enables local commuters to park their vehicles safely off the road while they use public transport.

When contacted by the Larne Times about the issue, a DRD Roads Service spokesperson said: “This area is to be added to the Roads Service grass-cutting schedule”.