Drama Circle pays due respects to Wake In The West

LARNE Drama Circle’s latest production is Wake In The West by modern Irish playwright Robert J Ginnelly.

It was recommended to the local group by several people who had seen it performed in its home territory, the west of Ireland.

The passing of Tom Healey (Billy Burns) presents his long-suffering daughter Mary (Michelle King) with more than a few sleepless nights. The local doctor (Geraldine Scott-Heyes) delivers his request to be cremated and buried at sea, which causes quite a stir amongst the neighbours, including Margaret (Margaret Blair) and her drunken husband Barney (Bertie Fulton), whose main pastime seems to be antagonising Fr Cassidy (Simon Hunter).

When Tom’s son Martin (Phil Barnhill) arrives back from America for the funeral he sets the heart of local girl Joan (Leigh Kelly) fluttering. Will they or won’t they rekindle their romance?

Add to the mix Rose (Margaret Steward), an ancient crone who takes an unhealthy interest in the corpse’s new set of false teeth.

The teeth, however, turn out to have a mind of their own.

The play has a rich mixture of characters and under the direction of Jay Alexander is sure to provide audiences with a side-splitting experience that they will remember for a long time.