Dog baiting fears expressed over missing Larne cats


Fears have been voiced that cats are being used for dog baiting in the Larne area.

The Times was contacted this week by a concerned resident, who claimed that a cat had been found trapped in a bait cage in the town’s Seacourt estate at the weekend.

And the woman, who did not wish to be named, urged cat owners in the area to be vigilant.

She added: “These animals seem to be going missing at night, so I would urge people not to let their cats out of the house overnight if they are worried.

“On Saturday afternoon, a number of kids in Seacourt came across a cat trapped in a cage in the estate.

“The cat was released and is doing well, but unfortunately other animals have not been so lucky.”

Police have confirmed they are investigating reports of a number of cats going missing in the Larne area, and are looking into a potential link to bait cages.

PSNI Inspector Paul Woods said: “It is unclear at present whether the cats have been baited.

“Police are now investigating the matter.”