Dead lambs dumped at council tip in Larne

The lambs' bodies dumped at Redlands Recycling Centre in Larne. INLT-24-700-con
The lambs' bodies dumped at Redlands Recycling Centre in Larne. INLT-24-700-con

A Larne resident is calling for a council investigation after the bodies of dead lambs were dumped at Redlands Recycling centre in Larne.

The carcasses were found in a skip designated for soil and stone at the local authority’s facility on Saturday June 4 by Larne man Esler McMullan.

He is now calling for the council to identify those who dumped the animals’ bodies there.

“When I looked into the skip I saw a lot of wool and then I saw the legs hanging out below, I think there were two lambs dumped there,” Esler told the Times.

“That was on Saturday morning and when I went back on Monday evening the skip had been filled up and I believe that the lambs were still in there.

“They have obviously been dumped there by someone who didn’t want to pay to properly dispose of the animal or who was too lazy to get rid of them through incineration or burial.”

Esler says that he witnessed council staff working at the site on the day of the discovery, but no moves were made to remove the lambs’ carcasses.

“There were council employees at the site and they must have seen it, they may not have recognised what it was but in that case they should be more vigilant and taken action,” he stated.

“Members of the public can’t go down there and put whatever they like in the skips, so this person shouldn’t get away with it.”

Esler also raised concerns over the public health risk associated with dumping rotting animal carcasses in an irresponsible manner.

“We don’t know what the lambs died of, so there is a risk of disease being transferred to the public and other animals,” he continued.

“That is why proper disposal of animals’ bodies is so important, to destroy the risk of disease.”

No-one from the Mid and East Antrim Borough council was available for comment at the time of going to press.