Danny’s new book tells of horrors of war

These Bloody Wars, the new book by former Larne man Danny McFaul. INLT 32-612-CON
These Bloody Wars, the new book by former Larne man Danny McFaul. INLT 32-612-CON

A FORMER Larne man has dedicated his latest book to the memory of his father, who was killed in action during the Second World War.

These Bloody Wars, penned by 78-year-old author and ex-soldier Danny McFaul, is a powerful and personal commentary on the horrors of war, written straight from the heart.

Danny’s own father – Trooper Denis McFaul – died of his wounds in 1943 while serving with the North Irish Horse Regiment in the Battle for Tunisia.

Like his previous three books, These Bloody Wars stems from Danny’s thorough and fascinating research into his own family’s history. But unlike his past work, it is not about previous generations of McFauls who called Larne their home.

Instead, the book attempts to illustrate how our ancestors lived through times of war and how conflicts that took place across the world may have affected local people.

“During my years of researching my family history, I discovered many of my relatives and kinship who have fought and died for their country,” said Danny. “This made me realize just how many wars there has been since my first known ancestor was born about two hundred years ago in Ireland.

“Northern Ireland was the only part of the United Kingdom not to have conscription during the 1939-45 conflict, but many of its sons and daughters from all religions queued to join the colours. Many of them sadly did not return, but we should be forever grateful to them all as we owe them a deep debt of gratitude,” he concluded.

These Bloody Wars is on sale for £9.99 now from any good bookshop or internet retailer, or directly from the publisher at http://www.fast-print.net/bookshop/1081/these-bloody-wars