Cup craze is stacks of fun

Andrew Morton. INLT 12-384-PR
Andrew Morton. INLT 12-384-PR

A LARNE youngster has been selected to compete in the World Sport Stacking Championships in Germany.

Andrew Morton, a year eight pupil at Larne Grammar School, will be part of the All-Ireland team taking part in the competition in April.

The 12-year-old will be the sole representative from Northern Ireland, having come first in the NI finals and successfully completed the All-Ireland heats in Dublin at the weekend,

Sport stacking - also known as cup stacking or speed stacking - is an individual and team-based sport that involves stacking specialized plastic cups in specific sequences in as little time as possible.

Andrew’s proud father Alan said his son became hooked on the sport after watching a demonstration when he was a P7 pupil at Olderfleet Primary.

“In the space of just over a year, he has become very talented at it and he really cleaned up at the NI finals. There are only eight young people in the All-Ireland team and they are all amazing - the speed will just blow you away.

“The sport is real big in America where it started and has taken off big time in Ireland, but maybe not so much up north.

“Sport stacking is a real cross-community sport and in today’s climate its great to see all these kids rooting for each other regardless of who you are or where you come from. There is no malice between the youngsters and they all congratulate each other on their successes.”

Alan added that the sport has real benefits for children’s hand-to-eye coordination and concentration levels, especially where school work is concerned, and hopes that more people will become aware of the sport in future.

“Andrew is delighted to be taking part in the World Championships and both me and his mother will be travelling over with him to lend our support.

“He will be taking part in a number of events, including the individual category, team relay and doubles. In fact, I will also be taking part in the parent and child doubles event, and have been practising hard so that I won’t let him down!” Alan concluded.

The World Championships will take place on Saturday, April 14 and Sunday, April 15. To see Andrew in action, click on