Wilson wants debate on death penalty

EAST Antrim MP Sammy Wilson has backed calls for the British Government to bring back the death penalty.

The Finance Minister is one of five DUP MPs to have signed a motion urging the House of Commons to hold a full debate on the matter.

More than 23,000 people have signed the Government e-petition, but over 30,000 have signed a counter-motion rejecting the idea.

Neither petition is close to the 100,000 signatures needed to trigger consideration for a Commons debate.

While Mr Wilson admitted it was “highly unlikely” that capital punishment would be reinstated, he felt it was important for the subject to be reopened, having last been discussed in Parliament in 1998.

He told the Times: “There are evil people out there who commit the most heinous of crimes and show absolutely no remorse. I believe these people merit the ultimate punishment.”

The motion has also been signed by fellow DUP representatives David Simpson, Jim Shannon, Gregory Campbell and Jeffrey Donaldson.

The death penalty was last used in Britain in 1964, but was not abolished in Northern Ireland until 1973.

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