Watch: Residents tormented by young people

Police recieved a report of anti-social behaviour in the Wyncairn area.
Police recieved a report of anti-social behaviour in the Wyncairn area.

Residents of a housing development in Larne were scared to leave their homes on Tuesday evening after young people went on the rampage, it has been claimed.

It is understood a group of around 12 youths threw snowballs at properties and hurled abuse at residents in the Wyncairn area of the town for approximately an hour and a half.

Speaking to the Larne Times, a member of the public, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “For the guts of two hours there was a group of young people in the area and they were throwing snowballs at all of the houses.

“There are loads of elderly residents and some of them are housebound, so it was traumatic for them.

“The teens had scarves over their faces and had their hoods up. It was scary and very intimidating.”

The person added: “There has never been anything like this before, so I think that is what made it so scary. It’s a mix of either older people or young families and is a quiet area.

“It was upsetting because the teens involved weren’t showing any respect for what they were putting residents through.”

The incident was reported to police, however it is understood the young people had left the area before officers arrived.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Police in Larne received a report of anti-social behaviour at around 8:50pm in the Wyncairn Drive area of the town on Tuesday, January 16.”