Smuggled diesel is seized at Cairnryan

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A lorry carrying 24,000 litres of suspected laundered diesel has been seized by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) at Cairnryan Port.

The fuel was seized after Cairnryan Port Police stopped a 40ft trailer as it arrived by ferry from Larne on Wednesday, May 22. Port Police referred it to HMRC for investigation. HMRC officers tested the vehicles fuel and believe it was running on low duty green diesel from the Republic of Ireland.

HMRC officers then searched the trailer and found 960 30-litre plastic drums filled with clear diesel. The drums were packed in cardboard boxes then shrink wrapped onto pallets. The lorry is estimated to contain around 24,000 litres of fuel, with a potential revenue loss of around £17,000.

A man from Co Antrim was detained and released after interview.

HMRC investigations are continuing into the incident.