Safe driving advice for holiday week

Constable Syd Henry of H District Roads Policing. INLT 51-610-CON
Constable Syd Henry of H District Roads Policing. INLT 51-610-CON

larne police are urging all road users to take extra care and drive according to the conditions over the Christmas and New Year period.

Constable Syd Henry said: “”Winter weather, the low setting sun and extended hours of darkness can all lead to treacherous driving conditions which also impact on a driver’s ability to judge distance and speed, so we all need to take even greater care on the roads.

““Stopping distances increase greatly when weather conditions are poor, so slow down and leave a bigger gap between your vehicle and the vehicle in front.””

Constable Henry urged all road users to check their vehicles to ensure that there are no defects. “Tyres must be in good condition and meet the legal requirement of 1.6mm. A defective tyre at best could lead to a £60 fine and three penalty points on your licence, at worst it could result in catastrophic consequences.

“All lights must be clean, working and correctly adjusted. Remember to use dipped headlights when driving in poor weather. Our simple advice is that if your vehicle wipers are switched on, so should your dipped headlights.

If you have fog lights, use them at times of reduced visibility, but remember it is illegal to use these lights at other times. Defective lights, or illegal use of fog lights, can result in a £30 fixed penalty notice.

“Windscreen wipers should be in good condition and the washer reservoir should be regularly topped up with a good windscreen wash solution and all windows must be clear of frost before setting off. Listen to the weather and travel advice on the news and if needs be, leave extra time to ensure you and your vehicle are properly prepared for any journey.

Constable Henry went on to remind road users to make extra effort to look for children, pedestrians and cyclists, adding: “Pedestrians and cyclists should wear bright clothing, reflective jackets or armbands where possible to ensure they can be seen.”