PSNI warning over home security after burglaries

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PSNI Larne has issued an urgent reminder over home security.

Police say despite recent advice, householders are still failing to lock doors and windows.

A spokesperson for PSNI Larne said: “I find it frustrating and saddening when I hear that more burglaries have occurred in the Mid and East Antrim district.

“Unfortunately, we do have to secure our belongings and accept some responsibility for doing do.

“Do not retain large amounts of cash or jewellery unsecured in your home.

“Do not leave keys in open sight. If you do have a safe installed in your home ensure that it is properly installed and correctly anchored to an immovable object (ie the ground and/or structural wall).

“Try to avoid setting patterns as to your comings and goings from your property.

“Please do not hesitate to contact police should you notice vehicles or people acting suspiciously in your area. We would much rather prevent a crime than deal with the subsequent consequences.

“If you should require some advice on measures you can take to secure your property. please visit or for advice regarding safety for those over 60.”