Policing boost as room is made for 22 new officers

LARNE District Policing Partnership members have welcomed the news that an additional 22 police officers are to be stationed in the town.

Concerns have been raised for some time over the police manpower levels throughout the borough, but at the last public DPP meeting, sector commander, Inspector Noel Rogan told members he had “good news” to share for a change on that issue.

“”Twenty-two officers are coming to Larne to be used in Larne and will be patrolling our streets,”” he said.

He explained that the officers – including those who are members of the roads policing unit – would be fully briefed on the current crime issues affecting Larne, especially burglaries and thefts in the rural areas.

“They will be able to do their own work and supplement ours as well,”” he told DPP members.

“They are very dedicated and specialist in what they do,” he added.

Vice-chair Patricia McNeill asked if the officers would only be in Larne for a limited time.

““As far as I’m concerned. it’’s permanent,”” said Insp Rogan. “”We are having to clear offices and work space; they are going to be long-term.””

He said the extra officers would be “”buying into””what the existing policing team is doing in Larne when they arrive in town.