‘No’ to sneaky speed traps

larne’s new police chief has pledged that his officers are more concerned with helping to make the borough’s roads safer than with handing out speeding tickets.

Chief Inspector John Magill has even urged anyone who spots officers operating sneaky speed traps in the borough to get in touch with him.

“If anyone has evidence about officers lying in hedges, hiding behind bus shelters or whatever they should come to me,” he told members of Larne District Policing Partnership.

Following a year when many local motorists found themselves on the wrong side of the law after being caught speeding in areas such as Ballygally or on the Bank Road, police have come in for criticism from some who claimed they never even saw the officers who detected them.

The subject of road safety was very much on the mind of DPP member Margaret McQuitty who revealed she had an unnerving experience on her way to the body’s last meeting.

She described how she had to swerve to avoid a collision with young man travelling at between 80-90mph on a motorbike

“Could there not be a campaign for teenagers?” she asked. “It really brought it home just how vulnerable they are. A life can be lost in just an instant,” said Mrs McQuitty.

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Chief Inspector Magill explained that the Larne PSNI team works closely with Road Traffic Policing and outlined a dedicated initiative that had been carried out on the Coast Road.

“Unfortunately, some people do take the risk of driving with drink or too fast. If you’ve ever been to the scene of a road traffic accident you would ask yourself if any journey is that important that it could cost someone their life.

“Our officers are not lying in hedges to catch speeders and if anyone has evidence of these they should come to me. But, we are not giving out tickets if no one is speeding,” he added.