McMullan to meet with PSNI chief

SINN Fein’s Oliver McMullan says he has been invited to share his thoughts on agricultural crime data with the PSNI.

The East Antrim MLA suggested in the Assembly last week that statisticians should treat farm-related crime as a separate entity.

“Agriculture is an industry with a turnover of billions and employing nearly 50,000 people,” he explained.

“Unfortunately, thefts from farms, including machinery and livestock, is a growing concern, but if you ask the police at the moment for statistics on agricultural crime they can’t tell you because those figures are lumped in together with all other rural crime. My point is that if the police have all the relevant information at hand it makes their job all the easier.”

Mr McMullan said he had now been asked by the PSNI’s H District commander, Chief Supt Chris Noble, to attend a meeting on the subject.