Man caught in possession of a knife

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A defence lawyer for a man twice caught in possession of a knife on the streets of Larne said his client felt he had “no other option but to carry” it because he was “so terrified” of being attacked.

The lawyer for Karl Yendall (24), of Curran Road, Larne, said a relative of the defendant had been involved in an incident which a “prominent member of an organisation” was linked to and as a result carrying the knife was borne out of a very difficult situation.

Yendall was detected with a knife at Main Street on April 27 this year at a time when sentencing had been deferred in relation to a similar incident last October when the defendant told police he was carrying the knife for his “protection”.

The defence lawyer told Ballymena Magistrates Court on June 8 there had been no incidents when Yendall had the knife.

District Judge Peter King said although he was aware of the background, Yendall had a deferred sentencing in relation to the October matter and then re-offended.

Yendall, who had a record, was jailed for four months and released on his own bail of £500 pending an appeal.