Larne police warn over potential scam

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Police are warning Larne people to be vigilant following a number of recent reports of a possible computer scam.

It is understood that members of the public are being targeted by a virus which temporarily locks the user’s screen. A pop-up then appears claiming the computer has been used for illegal activity. This virus purports to be from law enforcement and can have a PCeU (Police Central e-crime Unit) or other UK police service logo attached. The pop-up demands a fine to get the computer unlocked.

Police stress that this is a fraud and users are advised not to pay out any money or hand out any bank details. Payment of any monies will not release this pop-up as it is malware.

The PSNI, or any other police service in the UK, will never contact members of the public via email in this manner and demand funds in this way.

Police advise anyone who has been deceived by such a message to report the offence to their local police on 0845 600 8000. Virus infections where no money has been lost can be logged at If you have any concerns or require further advice or information, you can contact your local crime prevention officer.

In order to reduce the chances of being infected by viruses, police recommend that anti-virus software is used and routinely updated. Sound advice can be found at