Landscaping ‘must now follow demolition of Craigyhill flats’

NOW that the long-awaited demolition of the Craigyhill flats has taken place, it has been stressed that efforts must be made to have the resulting space landscaped,

Alderman Jack McKee said that, as one who had campaigned extensively for the vacant properties to be knocked down, he was glad to see the eyesore gone at last.

“I’d like to thank the Housing Executive for taking this on board and getting the job done. It is of great benefit to the area to see the flats gone. They had just turned into an eyesore and were a magnet for vandals who just wanted to cause damage and light fires.

“But, it is very important that the area is now properly landscaped,” he said.

East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson also welcomed the demolition.

“I am delighted but there has been deep disappointment and frustration at the length of time that it has taken for these flats to come down. They have not only been an eyesore but they have attracted anti social behaviour which has been a real nuisance to people living in the area.

“Councillor Winston Fulton and I have been lobbying the Housing Executive for many months about getting them demolished as soon as possible.

“ I understand that there was a lot of work that had to be done in order for the demolition to proceed as property had to be bought and gas and electricity had to be disconnected.

“However, I commend the Housing Executive for getting a contractor to work quickly once these issued had been resolved.

“This is good news for Craigyhill and we look forward to the demolition being completed and a terrible eyesore being removed from the area,” said Mr Wilson.