‘Feud’ accused in court on crutches after leg broken

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A Larne man accused of offences as part of a ‘feud’ in the town “has maintained his innocence from the outset,” according to a defence lawyer.

James Alexander Hassin (33) is charged with assaulting Sean McRandle and is also accused of making threats to damage a house and car belonging to Mr McRandle on April 13 this year.

When Hassin appeared at Ballymena Magistrates Court on Thursday he was using crutches.

A defence lawyer told a court on May 4, Hassin was “the victim of a significant assault” in which his leg was broken in at least two places.

When the charges were read to him at Ballymena Court on Thursday, Hassin said: “Do I understand the charges? Aye”.

A defence lawyer said the case was linked to a co-accused charged with a “much more serious offence”.

The lawyer said Hassin had “maintained his innocence from the outset”. Hassin was released on bail of £750 and is not to have contact with the alleged injured party.