Drunken cyclist arrested after pursuit

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Police have made an arrest after an early-morning incident in Larne.

The arrest occurred following the Glenarm Sea Spring Triathlon yesterday evening, with police linking the two events in a Facebook post for comedic effect.

Detailing the incident, a PSNI spokesperson said: “Early this morning, Constable J and B spotted a competitor who had seemingly taken a wrong turn during the cycling section through Larne.

“On stopping this ‘athlete’ they established it wasn’t dehydration causing the erratic movements, but over indulgence.”

The spokesperson added: “On seeing our guys, Larne’s very own Bradley Whizzins took to their beaters and tried to outrun Constable B.

“Unfortunately, for them, that B may as well be for Bolt. As after a short foot pursuit and a bit of a struggle, I didn’t know a triathlon had a wrestling section, Whizzins ended up arrested for a number of offences.

“Spending the night in our cells isn’t all bad though as the dock in the court room is on a raised platform. Technically that’s a podium finish.”