Driver clocked at 101mph in Larne

Police have warned drivers in the Larne area to keep their speed down after detecting someone driving at 101mph

Saturday, 27th March 2021, 9:58 am

PSNI Road Policing officers from Maydown were involved in the operation.

Details of the incident prompted a large number of comments on social media.

One person posted: “When we see the carnage that’s left behind from accidents, then catching these people to stop more of it is a job well done.”

Police recorded a vehicle travelling at this speed in the Larne area. Picture: PSNI

Another said: “Well done. This idiot could have kill someone. Take licence away from now and jail for eight months everyone will be safe from this clown.”

And one man added: “I have a car that could happily do well over 100 mph if I was mad enough to drive like that, Just because it can doesn’t mean that I should!”