Concerns over suspected drugs found on walking route to primary school

Residents of Ballycarry have expressed concerns over the discovery of a small packet of suspected illegal drugs on one of the village’s main thoroughfares.

Thursday, 11th March 2021, 3:02 pm

The small plastic bag, which had a caricature of a man’s head printed on it, had traces of a white powder inside.

It was discovered by a pedestrian walking along Main Street and Hillhead Road in the village and reported to the police.

Locals have expressed concerns, including that the bag was lying on the walking route to the primary school, where an unsuspecting child could have picked it up.

The bag containing suspected drugs which was found on the road in Ballycarry.

They also claim that in the past a car park in the village was used to pass on small quantities of drugs.

The PSNI confirmed that they had received a report of the discovery.

“Officers received a report on Monday March 1, that a member of the public had found a small package of suspected illegal drugs along the Hillhead Road in Ballycarry. The member of the public informed police that the package had been disposed of in a safe manner,” they said in a statement.

Inspector Julian Buchanan said: “Our advice to anyone finding any drugs related material is to not touch the items but to contact police or the district council immediately who will dispose of it safely.

“Drug abuse is a complex societal issue, but police are actively playing our part in keeping people safe through the enforcement of drugs laws. We are working with our partner agencies, community reps and local councillors to tackle this issue.

“Police are dedicated to keeping people safe and I would appeal to anyone who has any knowledge about the sale and distribution of drugs to call us on 101 or through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

“Any information you can give us is vital in our ongoing fight against criminality,” the inspector said.