‘Community must stand resolute in favour of rule of law’

Ulster Unionist Cllr. Mark McKinty
Ulster Unionist Cllr. Mark McKinty

Ulster Unionist councillor for the Larne Lough area and former Policing and Community Safety chairperson Mark McKinty has welcomed sentencing of Ciaran Maxwell.

“The sentencing today has been much-anticipated and is significant. Criminals, particularly those hell-bent on injuring or murdering others should be behind bars, and there is one less on our streets today. Larne and indeed Northern Ireland is a safer place.

“We must acknowledge and appreciate efforts of police, intelligence, and security forces for their successful intervention in what would otherwise have been a bloody and appalling project.

“It is particularly chilling to think that some alleged targets were places most of us have been in or passed by in recent weeks.

“It is imperative that the entire community, including and especially elected or community representatives, stand resolute in favour of the rule of law and against all those who wish to further their aims with violence and terror.”