Bicycle-marking event to help beat thieves

Police are reminding people to bring their bikes along to a free bicycle security marking and registering scheme this weekend at Larne police station.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team will be holding the event this Saturday (January 7) between 10am and 5pm.

Constable Nigel Greenlee said: “We’re inviting children and adults who have received a new bike for Christmas to bring it along to the station and we will mark it with their postcode, photograph the bike and take the owners details in case it is ever stolen.

“As well as getting your bike marked and details recorded, residents will also be able to meet their local Neighbourhood Policing Team.”

Many thefts of bicycles can be prevented by taking a few basic precautions. As well as having your bike security-marked these include:

f Do not leave your bike lying around outside your house.

f Lock your bike to something secure a bike rack or lamppost.

Constable Ivan Bill added: “By organising the bicycle marking day, we are providing a valuable service to local residents, which may ultimately prevent them from becoming a victim of crime.”