Alliance activists ‘egged’ during Carrick canvass

Cllr Danny Donnelly.
Cllr Danny Donnelly.

An East Antrim general election candidate has voiced his disgust after party activists allegedly had an egg thrown at them in Carrickfergus last night (Tuesday).

The canvassers say they were targeted while putting posters up for Alliance representative, Danny Donnelly, in the Marine Highway area of the town.

Commenting on social media, the Mid and East Antrim councillor said: “Disgusted to see Alliance Party activists got ‘egged’ in Carrickfergus while putting up my election posters. It didn’t stop them but no-one should have to put up with that.”

Party leader, Naomi Long condemned those behind the incident. The MEP said: “Completely unacceptable that election volunteers are being attacked in this way. People need to catch themselves on.

“This bullying won’t stop Alliance putting forward its message and continuing to grow in strength.”

Voters go to the polls on December 12. Also standing in the East Antrim constituency are the outgoing MP, Sammy Wilson (DUP), Steve Aiken (UUP), Oliver McMullan (Sinn Fein) and Northern Ireland Conservative candidate, Aaron Rankin.