‘Crack down on jet skiers’ at Ballygally beach

Ballygally beach.
Ballygally beach.

East Antrim MLA Oliver McMullan has called for tighter controls on jet ski users after concerns were raised at Ballygally beach.

Sinn Fein representative Oliver McMullan told the Times he had received complaints from a number of residents in the village at the weekend.

He added: “People are worried about the number of jet skiers using the area around the beach.

“Ballygally is one of the borough’s top beaches and a popular bathing spot for swimmers.

“Not only are jet skiers causing a noise nuisance for residents, but they also present a real danger to other beach users, especially young children.”

Mr McMullan believes there needs to be stricter regulations surrounding the use of jet skies at beaches across Northern Ireland.

“There are very few controls in place at present when it comes to jet skies,” the Sinn Fein man said.

“I firmly believe there should be some sort of proficiency test, as inexperienced jet skiers have the potential to serious injure themselves or other people.”

Mr McMullan has written to Environment Minister Mark H Durkan about the issue, and has also raised the matter with chief executive of the new Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, Anne Donaghy.

“I am not setting out to ruin anyone’s fun, but there needs to be safer places for jet skiers to use rather than popular bathing beaches such as Ballygally,” Mr McMullan concluded.